A Pre-Glastonbury rhyme…

19 05 2013

Hello hello hello!

Yes yes, I know I keep wittering on about Glastonbury, but I’m so excited! Here’s my first festival rhyme – hopefully the first of a few…

The “Stuff for Glasto” Box

I’ve bought my Glasto wellies
And some funky Glasto socks,
They’re nestling nice and cosy
In my “Stuff for Glasto” box.

We’ve ordered us a trolley
With four big and chunky wheels,
Amazing what you find online –
There’s loads of bargain deals!

We’re shopping for a bell tent
Which may sound rather posh –
But better that than five days
In a tiny two-man squash.

I don’t care if it chucks it down
Or if its nice and dry,
The point is just to be there
‘Neath the Glastonbury sky!

I want to quaff the cider
And to get a fake tatoo,
To sing along to Carousel
And use a long-drop loo.

I want to walk 500 miles
Down Salutation Road,
To do it with a rockstar
While my senses overload…

There you go! With hats tipped to The Proclaimers, Martin Stephenson & The Daintees, Amanda Palmer, and my lovely other half Jon Gibbons, who’s umm-ing and aah-ing about taking a guitar or uke – I hope he does, I have a lovely little image in my head of chilling by our tent listening to him playing Carousel…! Give it a listen, it has such a chilled out festival vibe to it!



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