Rose’s BookCross – The First…

16 06 2013


Well, I’ve just liberated the first book in my bookcrossing experiment! I wonder if anyone will pick it up? And I wonder if anyone will let me know if they have? Will they read it? Will they like it? Will they keep it, or pass it on? Or will it just get swept up with the rubbish by the cleaners? I hope not…

The first book I’m releasing into the wild is… *drum roll…*


Transition by Iain Banks. I couldn’t really choose any other author at the moment, could I? It’s a cracking read, and I also really enjoyed the audiobook version (even if it was abridged) when it was released as a series of free podcasts on iTunes a few years ago.

I’ve made a laminated bookmark with some blurb on too, which is tucked inside…


I set it free on the 1730 East Coast London King’s Cross to Edinburgh train, somewhere between Grantham and Newcastle… The train was busier than I’d expected (no free tables or seats to leave it on!) so I thought I’d ask the chap behind the counter in the buffet car if I could leave it there. He was very lovely, seemed to like the idea, and asked what book it was in case he fancied reading it himself!

Goodbye book, I hope you get read and enjoyed…




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