Rose’s Glastonbury Diary: Pre-departure

26 06 2013

Today’s the day!

Whaddya mean, “What day?”! It’s going to Glasonbury Festival day of course, hurrah!

Everything’s checked off on The Big List, my rucksack’s packed, the Bag of Miscellaneous Stuff is pretty much packed, and I just have to wait for my other half to pack his rucksack, now that he’s finished work at last.

Oh, and I’ve done the obligatory last minute panic-shop and stashed a load of emergency Nakd bars (yum!) and generally healthy nibbles in my bag in case of late night/early morning munchies. And Pringles… There has to be Pringles…

We usually head off around midnight and arrive at dawn Thursday morning – might have to walk a bit further to find a space for our tent, but we’ve never had to queue at that time thank goodness; just hope there’s still a spec left to squeeze our tent into this time… Watching the fields fill up on the webcam is slightly worrying!

The only slight spanner in the works at the moment is my knee… You might know that I have Palendromic Arthritis (if you’re thinking “What’s that?” read this post…). I haven’t had a really bad flare-up for a few weeks, but last night I became aware of a slight twinge in my knee as I came downstairs. I thought “Oh-oh – that feels a bit like… no, it can’t be, not at Glasto time!” Three hours later I was a little ball of pain in bed (cue tiny violins), wanting to cry and break things, because a) it wasn’t fair – we’re going to Glasto dammit, I need my knee! and b) if it’s still dodgy when we get there it’s really going to ruin things for my other half.

This morning it feels less painful, and I’ve managed to negotiate the stairs, albeit slowly and limpily. So finger’s crossed this is one of those quick flares that’ll be gone by dawn tomorrow – and also that it isn’t the start of a week of wandering flare-ups. There’ll be serious trouble if it dares to pop up in my cider-drinking arm!

That’s all for now – I’ll just leave you with a tiny rhyme…

I have a little palindrome,
It’s flared up in my knee;
But NOTHING’S going to stop me
From enjoying Glastonbree!

Right, off to pimp up my walking stick…




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