S’raining. S’wet.

2 10 2013

This started as a one-verse tweet, then grew to three verses, and has finally ended up with six – it felt like it needed to end on a river/sea-ish theme, sort of like how it started…

It’s raining…

Today I’ve got me brolly
It’s wet as wet can be
The road’s become a river
And the carpark is the sea.

I can’t avoid that puddle
And I step right in it, ‘splot!’
It’s deeper than I thought
And water soaks right through my sock.

Damp-footed I trudge onwards
As the rain pours off my coat
I’ve only walked for fifty yards
And I’m completely soaked.

The train is damp and fuggy
As the passengers all drip;
And arriving at the station
We’re all cautioned not to slip.

I pass a herd of brollies
All stampeding for a train
And cower beneath the canopies
To keep out of the rain.

I ponder on the weather
As the train creaks into motion
And wonder if my little town
Will soon become an ocean.



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