Rose Appleby is trying to be a writer. She writes children’s stories, and sometimes plays around with short stories for grown-ups. And silly poems. Oh, and there’s a big book for grown-ups that she’s been writing off and on for quite a while. Every now and then she draws little pictures too.

She also appreciates the importance of cake, and tries to involve it at every opportunity.

Rose Appleby is my pen-name, made up of one of my middle names and my late mum’s maiden name. In the real world, I’m Michelle, and when I’m not writing I work on a big yellow train, travelling up and down the country testing the railway tracks to make sure they’re all fine and dandy. Love my job, and love writing!


6 responses

2 11 2009
Robert Lew Terrell

And the darkest gravatar and blavatar on wordpress! I love it. Shows the not so silly side of Rose Appleby.

2 11 2009
rose appleby

Thanks! By the way, your Haiku sent me on a trip down memory lane yesterday… see my latest blog entry… so thanks again!

13 12 2012
Sarah Froggatt

Rose, I found you via a friend of mine. I love your blog. You give me hope and inspiration too. I am a writer too, of children’s books and poems. I illustrate too, but it is a slow process. I am writing a book for older children, I calculated mathematically how long it would take, and I am way off my estimates, so maybe I should have a piece of cake πŸ˜‰

I’d love to put a link to your site on my website that I am building up at the moment.

Keep writing, drawing and having a sense of humour, the world and children need this.

5 02 2013
rose appleby

Thank you lovely lady! πŸ˜€ Look, your link is in my blogroll now too! *passes large piece of cake* x

27 04 2013
julie petulengro

Today I began following you on twitter as we have palindromic rheumatica in common. It has been very interesting reading you account of how the condition affects you.
Namaste Julie

29 04 2013
rose appleby

Thank you for reading and following! πŸ™‚

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