Fun with words…

30 09 2013

Hello hello hello!

I’m feeling more chuffed than a chuffy thing in a world of chuffness today.

A couple of weeks ago I happened upon this tweet:


I’ve never entered any sort of writing competition before, but a little rhyme popped into my head and I wrote it down just in case it would come in handy one day. Later that evening I suddenly thought “Oh, what the heck!” and emailed it to the competition organisers. Then thought, “You plonker, why did you do that?! It’s rubbish!”

A couple of days later the rhyme was still stuck in my head, along with a little image. So I doodled it – here it is:


And that was that.

Except it wasn’t…

‘Cos it only went and got shortlisted in the top ten!


I couldn’t be chuffeder! So this Thursday (which is National Poetry Day, don’t you know!) I’m popping off to London as I’ve won a couple of tickets to see her at Cadogan Hall, and I also won a copy of her new book, You Made Me Late Again! Hurrah!

And how else could I end this blog post but with a few more recent rhymes:

I wrote a little rhymey thing
And nervously submitted it,
Then bless my soul, you’ll never guess –
They bloomin’ well shortlisted it!

This next one popped into my head on the way to the bus stop at 5am:

Early Doors
Shiny stars and silver moon,
Birdies tweet their morning tune;
An autumn nip is in the air
And I’ve got sticky-uppy hair.

And finally, an Unfortunate Incident on a train:

Smelly-footed Man
Oh smelly-footed man,
Your stinky odour is a-creeping –
It winds around the train
And gets all soaked up in the seating.

Oh smelly-footed man,
If only trains had pong-o-meters,
The reading you’d attain
Might make you buy some odour-eaters.

Laters! x