Wigs, sharks and sheds…

23 02 2010

Just a quick one.

Be careful with your Icelandic pronunciation.  If you’re swimming in the sea and suddenly find yourself attracting the attention of a shark, be aware that in attempting to alert nearby Icelanders to your plight, a slight mis-pronunciation could result in them laughing at you and saying things like, ‘Haha! That woman/bloke says she/he is being chased by a wig!’.

Or you could inadvertently compliment a hair-sensitive Icelander on their new shark.

Change of subject.

The eagle-eyed amonst you will notice there’s a new page called ‘THE SHED’. Look, it’s just up there – no, not there, up there. See it? Good.

And now, much as I’d like to get back to the shed, I have a day and half to submit an assignment for a web-design course.  And I’m very, very behind.

Bye then.