Rose’s BookCross – The Second…

11 08 2013


I’ve just liberated the second book in my bookcrossing experiment! I wonder if anyone will pick it up? And I wonder if anyone will let me know if they have? Will they read it? Will they like it? Will they keep it, or pass it on? Or will it just get swept up with the rubbish by the cleaners? I hope not…

The second book I’m releasing into the wild is… *drum roll…*


Ta daaaaah! George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl, illustrated by Quentin Blake. King of writers, and master of illustration! Who remembers Quentin Blake on Jackanory in the 1970s? I loved it when he was on – it fascinated me to see him creating characters in front of our very eyes! If you fancy a trip down memory lane, watch this!

I set it free on the 1330 East Coast London King’s Cross to Edinburgh train, somewhere between Doncaster and Newcastle.

Goodbye book, I hope you get read and enjoyed…!


Happy New Sir!

1 01 2013

Happy New Year to one and all!

I’m not usually one for keeping abreast with the New Year honour list, but I was totally chuffed this year to see that Quentin Blake received a knighthood for his work as an illustrator – how wonderful! His distinctive style has delighted and fascinated me since I was teeny. I remember watching him on Jackanory (remember the Arabel & Mortimer stories?) and being struck by how he could convey so much in just a few strokes of his pen.

There’s one Sir Quentin/Dahl collaboration that I discovered relatively recently in a charity shop – I had no idea of its existence, and being a bit (!) of a railway geek these days I was delighted with it!

In 1991 the British Railways Board commissioned the pair of them to produce a railway safety guidelines booklet, and the result was the wickedly funny ‘Roald Dahl’s Guide to Railway Safety’ which was distributed to UK primary schools.

If you’re a fan of Sir Quentin or Dahl and haven’t come across it before, I’d highly recommend you try and get hold of a copy.

I think it’s about time it was re-released, with an eBook version too. What better way to educate kids on how to behave around the railway than with our best children’s author and our newly be-knighted best illustrator?