The Frog Prince – Chapter 11

12 11 2009

Chapter 11

The new paving stones in the town gleamed, the tailor had been brought out of retirement, and bakers had been drafted in from all over the country to make the biggest, jammiest, creamiest cake every.

Norris Nuggins and Gran had been moved into a lovely stone cottage by the palace, the Royal Town Crier had a new gold bell, and everyone cheered and waved as Prince Jack and Princess Nesta rode through the town in an open top carriage, on their way to the seaside for their honeymoon.

Gran’s eyes twinkled, and she said,

‘Oooh, now isn’t that nice?’



The Frog Prince – Chapter 10

12 11 2009

Chapter 10

The town tailor had taken early retirement on all the money he had made from making bigger clothes for everyone, so people were rather pleased that this wedding was a rather quiet affair, and the cake – although delicious – had been a lot smaller.  Nesta hadn’t wanted too much fuss, and had said that the money would be better spent paving the roads in the town.

Now she sat on the royal bed and smoothed out the tiny pyjamas.

‘Come on then Jack,’ she said, ‘Let’s see how they look,’ and picking him up carefully she put on the little trousers, then the jacket.  As soon as she did up the last button, there was a loud spang, a sparkly noise, and a lovely twinkly cloud of silver glitter.

Nesta looked up in surprise.  The frog had gone, and standing in front of her in a very smart pair of blue stripy pyjamas was the most handsome Prince she’d ever seen!


The Frog Prince – Chapter 9

11 11 2009

Chapter 9

Gran sat in her rocking chair slurping a cup of tea while Nesta arranged the flowers she’d picked on the way in a little vase.

‘So you’ll be marrying the Prince then, will you deary?’ quavered Gran.  Nesta smiled at her.

‘Yes, Gran’ she answered.

‘Oooh, that is nice,’ said Gran.  ‘And tell me, what will you do on your wedding night?’  Nesta sat down at the table and cut them both a slice of cake.

‘Well,’ she said, handing a piece to Gran, ‘I suppose I’ll kiss the prince on top his head, and say goodnight!’ She sipped her tea.

‘Oooh, that’s nice deary,’ said Gran, ‘Look, here’s a tiny pair of pyjamas for him.  Make sure you do up all of the buttons now, won’t you?’

The Frog Prince – Chapter 8

11 11 2009

Chapter 8

The Royal Town Crier paced nervously up and down the squeaky floorboards in Norris’ shack and mopped his brow.

‘I know it’s a lot to ask, Sir,’ he said, ‘But no-one else came forward! I don’t know what I’ll do if I go back without a name!’

Norris swilled his drink round in his mug and looked down at Nesta who was cleaning out the fire.

‘Waaaaaaarl, I don’t know…’ he said, ‘to be honest, I’m quite fond of this one.’

The Royal Town Crier whimpered.

‘It’s all right dad,’ said Nesta, ‘I don’t mind.  I’ll do it.’  The Royal Town Crier heaved a sigh of relief and took out his quill and ink.  Nesta stood up and wiped her hands on her apron.

‘I’ll go and tell Gran,’ she said.

The Frog Prince – Chapter 7

11 11 2009

Chapter 7

Everyone agreed that this wedding had been even more magnificent that the last one.  Most of the people had had to have bigger trousers and skirts made, and despite this were now having to undo buttons and loosen belts yet again – the cake had been tremendous!

Nelly sat on the royal bed sneering at the Prince, who was on the bedside table.  Then she reached for the woolly cardie Gran had given her.

As soon as she pulled on the last sleeve, there was a fizzling noise, a pop, and cloud of choky black smoke.  Nelly disappeared.  In her place, a fat black beetle scuttled angrily over the bedspread.  The prince raised his eyebrows, then – THLUP! – his long tongue shot out, caught the beetle, and he swallowed it with a froggy gulp.

The Frog Prince – Chapter 6

11 11 2009

Chapter 6

‘That Neeta, she was so stupid’, said Nelly to Gran, ‘I’m going to marry the Prince now and do a proper job of it!’ she said smugly.

‘Oooh, that’s nice dear,’ quavered Gran, ‘And what are you going to do on your wedding night?’

‘Ha!’ said Nelly, ‘I’m going to tie that nasty frog’s legs together, stuff him in a sack with some bricks, and drop him in the lake!  Then when I’ve dealt with the King and Queen, I’ll rule and will do whatever I want!’ She grinned triumphantly.

‘Oooh, that’s nice dear,’ said Gran, ‘Look, here’s a nice woolly cardie to keep you warm when you go down to the lake.  Mind you wear it, now!’

Nelly took the cardie, which it has to be said was rather nice, and headed home.

The Frog Prince – Chapter 5

10 11 2009

Chapter 5

Back at Norris Nuggins’ shack, the Royal Town Crier was nervously sharing a mug of ale with Norris.

‘Waaaaarl, she always did have a mind of her own,’ said Norris, ‘Probably ran off or something.  Ah well,’ he sighed.  ‘I suppose you’ll be wanting another of me daughters then?’ he asked.

The Royal Town Crier looked relieved and whipped out his quill and ink.

‘Oh, thank you Sir! Thank you very much! If you’d be so good as to just sign here…’ he gushed.

Nelly punched the air and cheered.

‘Make sure the dress is better than Neeta’s was,’ she ordered, ‘and I want a longer train, more sparkles, and much higher heels!’ She flounced off to her room to practice looking regal in front of her mirror.  Meanwhile, Nesta quietly picked up her father’s best boots and began cleaning them again.

When Norris and the Royal Town Crier had finished their drinks, the Royal Town Crier headed back to the palace and Norris called Nelly.

‘Go and tell your Gran,’ he said, ‘No arguing, just go now and then it’s done!’

Nelly grumbled to herself and set off.